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Gravity, time, and.... exercise?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Rather than listening to music or podcasts while I am running I like to leave myself to my own thoughts. As opposed to trying to distract my brain from the fact that my body is working, I try my best to enjoy the run for its own sake.

I have found that this time running, especially the long slow runs, can lead to ideas, inspiration, and interesting thoughts. This is one I had a while ago while I was running down the road bouncing up and down letting gravity pull me down swiftly after each little jump into the air. Does time literally slow down the more I experience and fight against the effects of gravity?

One of the things that Einstein's theory of general relativity theorizes is that relative to being in space, time slows in a gravitational field. Mass bends space-time and light follows the curvature of space-time. With the light having to travel a greater distance, and the speed of light being a constant, time needs to slow down satisfy the equation. Satellites in space adjust for this time dilation in order to sync with the clocks on earth.

It's a very small adjustment for the satellites above earth but what if the mass of earth was much greater. This is what was shown in the movie Intersteller. Miller's planet in the movie was very close to the black hole gargantua with a mass 100 million times that of the sun. In this situation 1 hour on Miller's planet is 7 years on earth.

So back to my question I had while I was running. If I can increase the gravity in my life can I slow down time? Unfortunately I don't believe I can. Fighting against the effect of gravity and using it as a tool to strengthen my body unfortunately doesn't increase the effect of gravity itself. No matter how many steps I take when I run I will still accelerate back down to the earth at 9.81 m/s2.

Rather than trying to make the days longer I will just need to focus on having more days, which I do believe exercise can help with.

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