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Starting to Run - 5K Garmin Coach

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I’ve tried to be a runner a few times. A few months ago I went for it again. I did it a little differently this time. Usually a knee, leg, or foot would start bothering me and I would stop. In an attempt to prevent this, prior to starting running I did a jump rope program for a few weeks to strengthen my feet and legs.Then I started to run taking it very slowly with a couch to 5K running program sometime around May.

A few weeks into that program I got my Garmin watch (thanks Jonny) and started the 5K garmin coach program and set a goal time of 25 min. The program was 12 weeks and after the 12 weeks were up it said I was ready but I was pretty skeptical seeing as I was going to need to shave about 3 mins of my PR. On race day I gave it everything I had for a 5K time of 24:29 (post run pic above).

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